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UP CREEK - NO PADDLE: Restructuring advisory services

When you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, we will work with you to navigate your way through the crisis from strategic direction to liquidity management to business plan development.

We will assist you in:

  • Assessing the extent of the problem
  • Stabilising operations
  • Improve your cash position
  • Review business processes
  • Review and develop business plans
  • Manage execution milestones in implement operational and financial restructuring
  • Manage the communication between key stakeholders including lenders and shareholders

TREES - NO WOOD: Performance enhancement

Sometimes you are so immersed in the individual daily tasks of managing your business that you are not able to identify and implement improvement and value creation initiatives. We have the time to take a clean sheet approach to help you assess the effectiveness of current business models and cost structures and enable you to see the wood for the trees.

We will assist you in:

  • Identifying which “emperor” elements in your business are not wearing any clothes
  • Identify which levers will improve top line growth and margin improvement
  • Cost reduction and cash management
  • Supply chain optimisation and productivity enhancement
  • Evaluating operating models on a fit-for-purpose basis
  • BBBEE ownership options
  • Implementation planning and milestone management for delivering results


SHOW ME THE MONEY: Debt and capital raising

When you need money, we can assist you in raising the necessary debt and/or capital for your business. We have relationships within all major banks and specialised lenders as well as investment houses (private equity and family offices). We will work with you to assess the optimal form of capital raise.

We can also assist with Accelerated M&A processes for sale of non-core, underperforming assets to unlock value and generate capital.

BARBARIANS AT THE GATE: Protecting against shareholder activism

Shareholder activism is a growing phenomenon. Shareholder activists often signal where there are weaknesses in your business. Once targeted by an activist, senior management and the board will find themselves expending significant time and money managing the resulting challenges and publicity.

Call us when:
  • you want to understand how vulnerable you are to an activist approach
  • you want independent insight on your response to an activist
  • you need a detailed playbook showing the actions you should take to improve performance and shareholder returns
  • you require us to work alongside you to engage with the activist as well as assess alternatives including finding a ‘white knight’


WTF!!!: Crisis management techniques

“Black swan” events are the new normal. From 9/11 to the Global Financial Crisis to the Coronavirus outbreak, the nature and scale of events threatening our world and your businesses have assumed unprecedented scale.

Executives have numerous software, data and analytic tools at their disposal to assist in a crisis, but what happens when all these tools no longer work? How do you bring your company to a safe landing in times of crisis for which no precedent exists?

Like a company’s management, flight crews have a range of tools available to them to make decisions. When a crisis hits, the aircraft systems and flight manuals should tell the flight crew what they can do to overcome the crisis. When these no longer work, the flight crew enters into the realm of extreme uncertainty and their own “black swan” events. How they respond will determine the fate of their own lives and the lives of their passengers.

In this interactive presentation, we explore with you the life and death decision making, leadership and problem solving techniques that flight crews use to overcome a crisis in the air. In doing so, we can provide decision making tools and techniques that can help you make better decisions in times of crisis and overcome your company’s’ own WTF moments.

DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO: Machine learning and AI

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is spreading across all areas of modern organizations, and its predictive capabilities can significantly enhance the businesses day to day operations and forward-looking needs. Understanding how to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence models is crucial for improving business performance.

Yet, for many management teams, successfully employing incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence is the equivalent of navigating the Bermuda Triangle. We work with the data assets across your business and we define the most effective ways to increase the returns with technologies that are readily available.

We can help you successfully design and implement the correct solutions for your business to leverage technology effectively.

We can help you successfully design and implement the correct solutions for your business.


BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER: family business advice

In South Africa it is estimated that more than 80% of all businesses have family ownership involvement and more than 60% of them are listed companies on the JSE.

However, most family businesses do not survive beyond the third generation summed up in the saying: “The father merchant, the son gentleman, the grandson beggar”. The leading causes family businesses failures is not distinguishing between the family and the business and not addressing the ownership and transfer of wealth between generations.

We can assist family owned businesses to navigate the special dynamics that impact a family owned business.


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