Ross Boyd

Alastair Walker
July 6, 2020

Ross is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur and advisor with broad Commercial and Operational experience developed both locally and abroad. Thanks to his 16 plus years with GE he has had the opportunity to turnaround struggling business units, build strong teams, bolster failing support functions and localise activities in Africa and China. Ross’s breadth of experience allows him to take a holistic view of the business, formulate strategy and galvanise teams to execute with delivering results as the priority.

Ross is one of the Founders of Pannotia, a Black Women owned permanent capital holding company, with a value investing philosophy that leverages decades of expertise to support entrepreneurial teams and businesses. Relevant Experience:

  • Building business strategies for growth, linking directly to and driving operational execution with experience in Europe, US, China, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Turnaround and Profitable Growth - Building and executing a global product line strategy to return it to profitability including product development/introduction and exit, mix, pricing, negotiation, sourcing, co-ordination of market analysis and sales execution
  • Value Maximisation - Auditing systems, processes and market positioning to inform a new strategy to maximise value upon exit for a global SaaS provider
  • Lead GE's electrification business in Sub-Saharan Africa. Orchestrated the investment in people and the plant capability building a cross functional P&L with local talent leading Sales, Services and Manufacturing operations
  • Developed and led a Consumer channel commercial organisation covering UK, Ireland and the Nordics
  • Responsible for the establishment and management of the Supply Chain Development Structures within Sub-Saharan Africa. Building capability and capacity in local supply chains that align with GE business needs in Power, Transportation and Oil & Gas
  • Restructuring and developing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as a stand-alone supply chain region within the GE Power business